Message from the President

Vision is a powerful tool.

A vision can reinforce your goals, breathing life into them. For me, the ideas that two people shared around a kitchen table in 1994 eventually grew big enough to fill a 5,000 square-foot office space.

We envisioned our firm as a full-service commercial enterprise even then, and in the ensuing years our vision proved strong enough to sustain a 20-person planning and management business. Our service offerings expanded with our roster of experts, every one a guru with a distinct, powerful, and professional skill set that added additional value for our customers.

A strong vision also provides a clear path to success. Our corporate philosophy is simple: complex projects require hands-on attention. By fusing the accessibility of an in-house management team with the systems-driven processes of a top-flight consulting firm, we waste no time, effort, or resource in realizing our clients’ goals.

My own vision as a woman and a small business owner exceeds the boundaries of our offices. It is a priority for Envision to demonstrate the leadership that can open doors for other women of vision. As a board member of the Philadelphia Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar and the Construction Management Association of America, I support the advancement of female entrepreneurship, especially in the construction and project management services industry. These inclusive professional values help set the tone and standard in our workplace.

Whatever customer we serve—small business owners, government agencies, municipalities, developers, building design professionals, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, or suppliers—we are known for our attention to detail, our adherence to our values, and our ability to envision our clients’ goals as clearly as our own.

The guiding principles that sustain a vision from conception to realization must be stronger than the obstacles that oppose it. When you are looking for a partner to whom you can entrust your vision, look no further than Envision Consultants.


Victoria Malaszecki
President & CEO

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